Saturday, September 25, 2010

what's going on down there?

16 weeks and I'm starting to get creeped out. For one, those creepy looking babies on the baby countdown to the side of my blog appear to be getting bigger, but they continue to look like frail elderly people or barbies. I can't decide. Whoever designed them should have made them a little more chubby, stubby, and lovable. I'm mostly creeped out because its been a month now since I've seen a doctor or had any update on these babies growing inside me. I haven't felt them yet so there is nothing to confirm their healthy development. Its driving me crazy.
How on earth do people wait 1 month between doctor appointments??? We went in for our first appointment at 8 weeks, and then I was all "special" and got to make sure my babies were okay with an ultrasound every week. Then at my 12 week appointment the doctor says "see you at 16 weeks." Wait a minute here. How do people maintain sanity for this long with no idea how babies are doing??? I've been on somewhat restricted activity, how do I know if I need to keep it up? If its working? I can't wait till 24 weeks when I'll be deemed "special" again and get more frequent ultrasounds. I realize there is an element of faith involved in all this, but since technology is so cool I'd like to be able to use it all the time for the facts on whats going on down there.
This is my only positive evidence that something good is happening. Brad thinks I stick out my waist for these pictures (I may have played with angles a little for the 14 week picture), but I made sure not to for this one:
week 16
I can't tell you why I think to take a picture of my belly right out of the shower in a room under construction, but just ignore those details.
I've mostly been wearing flowy tops and people keep saying "you don't look pregnant at all." Well, under that flowy material is a bump that I believe is starting to go beyond what could be mistaken as a thick-waisted, non-pregnant girl.
Exhibit A, just in case you missed it in the above picture:
I guess I could just always wear stretchy downeast tops that make my changing figure more apparent. Its not offensive to me when people say I don't look pregnant, I just think, "yeah right. I used to have a flat waist, and now I have this I'm pretty sure I look pregnant." Oh well, I'll enjoy it while it lasts because at some point my belly will no longer play hide-and-seek no matter what style of top I'm wearing!


Alicia said...

I agree, waiting between appointments is hard. It's so reassuring to hear that heartbeat again and know that you're not just making the whole thing up. I have to tell you, I was super jealous that you got an ultrasound way before I did... it really helps when you can see what's going on in there. Geoff "helpfully" reminds me that when our moms/grandmas/etc. were having babies, they didn't have dopplers and ultrasounds, and they just had to wait the whole pregnancy to see the baby and know if things were okay. I think your baby bump is cute! Mine still just looks like a thick belly. Let's do lunch soon!

***Julia Vanikiotis*** said...

Get yourself a doppler - thats what I did and it gave me SO much piece of mind! I got mine for $60.00 on amazon. Your belly is super cute! Yay for babies!!!


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