Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bachelorette Food :)

I wish I could have gone to my friend Heather's bachelorette party this week. Oh, not hers, it's the TV show. I've never gotten into the bachelor/bachelorette series, but I couldn't resist giving it a try since Heather has been making a girls night for the show each week. It's kinda a silly show, but its been fun having a girl's night every week. (too bad for 2 weeks I'm doing 12 hr psych rotations instead of eating and watching TV w/ friends)
Heather made this yummy, easy pulled pork which she calls "Christy's", but I call it "Heather's" since shes the one who introduced me to it. You can't beat something yummy with only 3 ingredients, so I had to make it myself and share.
Now I didn't have a pork roast on hand and didn't decide I wanted this until an hour before dinner tonight... so I just boiled 2 chicken breasts for 10 min, shredded them, and added them to 1 C of the mango salsa with 1/2 C of brown sugar. (I brought the salsa/sugar to a boil in a sauce pan first) I let it all simmer for a bit, I also added a little chicken boullion. I thought this would taste great w/ chicken and I was right!
Heather's Mango Peach pulled pork (or chicken!)
1 pork tenderloin (or 4 chicken breasts)
2 C mango peach salsa (Costco)
1 C brown sugar
Put it in a crockpot on low all day (or boil chicken), shred meat and serve with nachos, tacos, quesadillas etc.

the next day I made the meat into cafe rio-esque salads:


M+H said...

Aww 2 weeks? Does that mean you'll be missing the next 2 weeks or just the next week? If you're going to be back in 2 weeks (the 22nd...or one of those days around there, I can't remember)? Anyway, my family will be out of town but we're tentatively planning to come home that day so I'm trying to make it so we'll be home by 7:30 for the PARTY! :) I don't wanna miss it! :) I was wondering if you'd be okay to bring dinner that night? I know you're SUPER BUSY in life, so if not that's FINE! Let me know!

M+H said...

That'd be awesome if you can make dinner in 2 weeks. I really like having it at my house because there are quite a few girls in my ward who are starting to come. Will it be too difficult for you to make something and bring it? I am sure I could still figure out something to make with little time. I know it's a pain to bring a whole dinner that far. What do you think?

Katie Hagen said...

no big deal, i'd be happy to! just confirm w/ me that you'll really be back. :)


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