Wednesday, June 23, 2010

more beach please.

 Janica is an awesome photographer and she did a post about the Carmel trip so I have to share some of her fabulous pictures. She asked if she could take some pics as we walked on the beach etc, I'm such a dork that I was super excited. I guess I must like the limelight because I've kinda missed having someone take pictures of me ever since our wedding.
Look at how cute Janica and her little guy are:
She wanted to get a cool pic where you could see footprints. We tried so hard to press our feet into the sand,  but we weren't that good at it.
Wow, my fear of falling from small structures captured in all it's glory:
I loved playing with Warren, but you had to be careful... he's a grabber with a killer grip. :) That first pic is my favorite, I wish he was my child so that I could frame it.
So I saw these pics Janica took of the beach and was amazed because I think she made it look cooler than it actually was! haha... Seriously, how great would these pics look framed in a nautical themed room?


janica said...

you're so cute. I actually have tons more of you and brad if you want me to email/send a cd of them. and believe me, I was just as excited to TAKE pictures of you too:)

Rachel Hagen said...

Love the pictures! You look beautiful in them!


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