Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Poppies

I am feeling so twitterpated today!
I was driving home from a great step class at the gym when I drove by this:
My heart started racing (when it had just finally started to slow down) and I felt like this:
It made me so happy because it reminded me of this:
I guess it was about a year ago that we did our engagements because the same poppies are in bloom again! We drove by this barn when we were looking at houses, I absolutely love poppies and thought the flowers and barn would probably match the dress I was going to make. We took engagements at the barn, kinda funny since they are now our neighbors and we just snuck around there taking pics on their property..

We also went downtown:

and even took pics at our new place which we had only just put an offer on...good thing they accepted it or it would have been kinda sad pics.

To top it all off we are watching the bachelorette and they perform at the lion king, one of my favorite musicals. Its the musical Brad and I went to after he proposed, we had such samazing seats. All I can say is that I can feel the love tonight!


janica said...

1st- I LOVE your engagements.
2nd- you made that dress?!?! amazing!

M+H said...

I agree with the above person.

You really just snuck around their barn without asking? That's super funny.

I love love love the picture where it's just your silhouettes. It's super romantic!

LL said...

THose are the BEST pictures I've ever seen. Seriously!
We still have your engagement picture hanging up at our house, it's so beautiful.
We also have Aaron and Wendy's. You guys are beautiful people...we like to tell our friends that we're related ;-)

Jill Vanikiotis said...

Loved your engagements the first time I saw them... so fun!!

Emma said...

oh goodness, your red dress and the poppies are so fabulous together!

Only A Girl said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!


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