Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Last Frontier

Yay! I'm so excited because I'm about to take off to visit here:
My dad is a die-hard fisherman and I've been going to Alaska since I was this big:
Brad and his parents have never even been fishing, so I'm excited to share an Alaska fishing adventure with them, I hope they enjoy it! (most of my family is going up and several in-laws as well)
Brad just buzzed his hair into a mullet because he thinks that's what fishermen do, disgusting.

He also told me he was going to call me Grace during this trip because of my suitcase. (I always get cheapy monogrammed potterybarn things from Downeast Home. Brad thinks its weird, but I tell him it's not everyday you get a nice $80 towel for 3 bucks or a $120 suitcase for $15!)
Last night instead of packing I made this for dinner: (I had a pineapple I didn't want to waste and a 1/2 full can of coconut milk) It's weird, but I keep all of these ingredients on hand.  I'll have to post some of my seafood recipes after we get home with 200 lbs of salmon! haha... Anyone got a spare freezer we could borrow?
you can get my recipe here. Hands down to Brad for being such a king of the grill last night, the chicken was so moist and juicy.  I'll forgive him for giving himself a mullet...when he gets rid of it.

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Kimba said...

ah, fresh salmon. wish i had loved it when our freezer was full of it as a kid! we LOVE salmon, and eat it all the time with artichokes, which i happen to think is the best combination ever. add a risotto, and dude. heaven. have so much fun!


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