Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a button, a button!

I've gotten smarter since I started a blog...seriously. Computer smarter. I knew nothing about the blogging world a year ago and have slowly taught myself little things. At first, just how to post/why to post/how to see other's posts. Then trying to change headers and mess with that crazy html stuff. I still don't get a lot of it, but I'm learning.
When my friend Heather suggested I make a button to spread the word I began my google research. It got me I want to spread the word? How foodie do I really want to make this blog that I created more with the intention of being my newly-wed online journal? I hate it when I think too much, who cares? Of course I hope that occasionally something I post will be beneficial to someone out there, but I just have fun posting about what I'm up to and what I'm passionate about... that pretty much always involves food.
I really wish I'd started posting about food a lot earlier. I didn't even share anything from the holidays. the holidays! I was a complete maniac in my kitchen over the holidays, it was the best, but it was all secret. Now there's no secrets, I'm openly in love with food & cooking. I'm that girl who easily spent all the wedding Bed Bath and Beyond credit on random kitchen gadgets in a matter of days. I would rather window shop at Orson Gygi and Williams & Sonoma than the mall. Any day.
Anyways, I ended up finding this awesome tutorial about how to make a blog button, without it I seriously would never have figured it out. I tried a different tutorial before this and it all went terribly wrong. I decorated this image using paint, that should give you an idea of my computer smarts.
I'm so proud I want to share, and if you happen to feel the desire to adorn your page with my nifty little button...well, then I might just have to make you something chocolate (or healthy if you're on a diet..)and remind you of how cool you are.

Adventures in Cooking


Jill Vanikiotis said...

Every time I get on your blog I think how successful you'd be at doing your own cooking show or something... seeing as you're so adorable and talented and all!! (P.S. your tutorial button doesn't work). :)

M+H said...

That is adorable, I love it. As for Jill's comment, it works in Safari but not in Firefox. In Firefox it just shows up as a link. :( I opened Safari to see if it works in there and it does, so I don't know what's up. What do you use? Anyway, in Safari, it's adorable! I already have it adorning my blog! Where's my chocolate? :) Actually, I'm not much of a chocolate lover, and I'm DEFINITELY not on a diet (although I definitely should be) but those mini cheese stuffed fo...don't know how to spell it--bread things were DELICIOUS! Just FYI! :) Love ya!

Jill Vanikiotis said...

Katie's button works just fine - it's the "tutorial" link button that won't work and yes it is adorable!!

M+H said...

i meant the BUTTON doesn't work in Firefox. don't know why. and jill is right, the tutorial like doesn't work. :)

Katie Hagen said...

thanks! i'm so glad the button works...i was totally bummed when i read jill's first comment, thinking i had to start all over! i fixed the tutorial thing...just in case you want to check it out. :)


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