Monday, June 21, 2010


Oh how I love Carmel! I get so nostalgic for things that remind me of my childhood. We used to go to Carmel and Monterey as a family when I was younger because my uncle had a house there. I just loved family vacations- to this day listening to the Beatles, Queen, or Billey Joel reminds me of our trips and makes me so happy.
Carmel is the most romantic place, although I couldn't really appreciate that as a kid there with my parents and siblings. So I've always wanted to take a special someone there for a romantic little getaway someday. So this trip didn't really turn into the romantic getaway I'd dreamed of... It was pretty sports centered, we didn't get much "us" time, and we couldn't even stay in Carmel- everything was so stinking expensive because of the US Open!  It was however, completely fabulous to get away and take a break from school.  We also got to meet our new nephew Sam- he's a cute little guy. We spent some time w/ family and I hung out with Janica, who also lost her husband to sports madness. (Lucky for her, she is pretty into it too!)
Brad loved going to the US Open and I enjoyed eating a couple great meals, getting through about 1/4 of the outlets in Gilroy, and soaking in the beautiful scenery. 
Even on the non-US Open day we spent quite a while on the beach watching this:
It was fun for a while, we even made it on TV and that always makes you feel sooo cool.
Embrace the Open.
I got Brad to turn his eyes away from golf for a minute:

The Carmel Mission was closed, so we had to climb up on things to take pics. Some people climb mountains, but it is a great accomplishment for me to awkwardly climb small fences.

This is where we ate a yummy dinner. A bit overpriced, but it was still yummy. That cheesy face I'm making while looking so adoringly at the parmesan cheese is real.

While Brad was at the tournament Janica, Warren and I went to Point Lobos and saw otters and seals. We also watched a romantic sunset...
More of charming Carmel, I just love the trees and adorable fairytale cottage homes:

Brad found a Sofitel (amazing French hotel line) for a killer price. We stayed in one while in Morocco on our honeymoon. If you ever get the chance they are seriously immaculate. We got home so late each day and were so tired that it seemed cool to take lame pics like us brushing our teeth.
Ended the trip back in San Fran and made our flight just in time after a little father's day lunch on the other side of the bridge:
Such a nice little trip, I could use one of these every month.


Colby and Steph said...

Oh what a fun and beautiful place. It IS a very romantic place. That is where we went on our honeymoon. I love all the fun little shops and the yummy food. Looks like you guys had a good time.

Kimba said...

those homes are my FAVORITE to drive through! we keep meaning to take a weekend and head down, though it wont be as romantic either, since we'll have to take the munchkin. :) i'll be looking out for the hotel you mentioned!

Emma said...

katie this looks like such a fun trip!!! you look so cute, i want to go to carmel/san fran so badly.

M+H said...

That looks so beautiful and romantic! I feel like you were in a different country. (You weren't right?--I gather it is in CA but I really don't know...) and did you purposely name your post "Camel-by-the-sea" or did you mean to say Carmel-by-the-sea? Cause I read the whole post trying to figure out why you called it "Camel" but never figured it out...inside joke maybe?

Katie Hagen said...

lol, hahaha... i'm seriously belly laughing right now. i totally meant to write "carmel by the sea". i guess i'll keep it, the inside joke is that i'm retarded.


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