Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Chilean Completo

If you don't eat hot dogs, good luck serving a mission in Chile.  I've never eaten so many hot dogs in my life...
I wanted to share a few Chilean recipes this week, but this is more of an idea than a recipe. I recently learned that my cousin's mother-in-law is from Chile, cooks, and lives around here--so I might wait to share a couple of my recipes to see if I can learn what she has done to tweek the recipes for the states, with some real Chilean secretos. :)
Now check this out.
The Completo, because you put completely everything on it. They sell these on the streets all over Chile, this was my dinner on many occassions! That cute missionary couple I mentioned (the Elders) served these at their homecoming, it was great.
Here's what you need:
hot dogs
palta- avacado, mashed (I add a little garlic salt/ pepper)
diced tomato
ketchup, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, or desired condiments.
1. Grill hotdogs and the buns. (they boil the hot dogs in Chile, but I think grilling is always better!)
2. Top with diced tomato. (if you do that sort of thing) 
3. Add palta (Chilean for avacado or guacamole, best word ever. The rest of latin america is missing out...)
4. Top with desired condiments, I'm a ketchup person myself.
Ahh, la vida es completo!

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